Meet EtnoTour

Meet EtnoTour and experience the beauty of Slovenske gorice and Croatian Zagorje. You will start exploring the Croatian Zagorje in Varaždin, where you will visit the Varaždin City Museum. You see a permanent museum exhibition and a library of Count Bombelles, which has over 3,000 books since the 16th century. Followed by the city's sightseeing, the city hall and Patačić Palace, Sermage, ... you will take a walk along the famous Varaždin Cemetery, which was created at the beginning of the 20th century, by planting foreign ones, which are pruned and formed into barriers and arches after the object of the Versailles French Park, and is a wonderful monument of garden architecture. Your trip continues to Donje Fruit. First of all, you will visit a true natural monument - the cave Vindija. Here we find the remains of our ancestors from the time of the Neanderthals and to the Middle Ages. Some free time to discover the mystery of a cave and a relaxed walk around the area. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to the daily rush for a moment and experience a bit of Zagorje culture, taste authentic Zagorje food and enjoy the sounds of the Zagorje song. Then, in the real ''house of Zagorje'', you will meet the householder, watch her in her everyday tasks and through her conversation with her husband learn a lot about the life of zagorits in the past. In carrying out various tasks, the housewife helped a lot of wood, which was an indispensable tool in every household. You, too, will, with the exact explanation of the carpenter, make your own hand, which you will then take home. Your exploration of Zagorje ends with tasty Zagorje food and drinks, and for good will the folklore will take care of its song: ''Fruit is a wonderful place in Zagorje, people dance with the most beautiful song. The forests, fields, orchards and green pastures grow. The houses are growing in the village of new wine vines from the famous vine .. ''