Opčina Donja Voća

The Municipality of Donja Voća introduces itself

The municipality of Donja Voca protects the mysteries of the millennia between Zagorje hills and vineyards. The world famous tomb is the cave of Špili Vindija in Donja Voča, which lies 30 kilometers from Varaždin. In 1974, the remains of the Neanderthal were found there. Vindija is one of the largest and most professional circles of the most valuable sites in this part of Europe. Findings in it stretch from the Paleolithic through Neolithic to the last Middle Ages. The remnants of the skeletons from this cavity allow us to monitor the development from the Neanderthal to the modern man. Due to the importance of the site, the cave is protected by a natural, botanical and archaeological monument and invites you to discover its secrets.