Občina Lenart

The Municipality of Lenart introduces itself

Zavrh, the place from where the view from the Pannonian plains to the mountains stretches, the place where the present faces the past and welcomes the future of the future. The region takes you with its diversity, colorfulness and rich gifts of nature and with the peace that you will find in the shelter of hills, vineyards and forests. Step into a small world where you will experience even innocent lives. After the forest paths, footpaths and crossroads, we lead the way to Zavrh, to the places whose beauties were also greatly enchanted by the general Maistra that the endings of Katrci and Slovenske gorice were written by songs when he spent his vacation in Štupičeva vila. When you climb to the Maistra tower, it does not only rotate from the height, but also from the beauties of Slovenske gorice, which you take in front of you, take your breath away, in the morning, when you are intertwined with mists, scorched by the sun at the end of the day fascinating you view of Pohorje. In the valley, Pesnica magically waves its water course in the meadows and fields. Step back into the past, Zavrh offers you the opportunity to revive the feelings that the general had experienced many years ago when Z Zavrh and Strme Mountain wrote about them, and the rattles of the dead through the dawn are composed of wooden songs full of solar energy. The most sun is in wine. Let live people who produce wine, because they bring the light of the sun into the human soul. You can also join them in the Zavrhu, by harvesting the descendants of the oldest grapevine in the world, a holiday of people of good will. With him, Zavrh is completely revived, offering experiences that drive everyone. A place where life still has a genuine taste when we feel the heat and warmth of a baker's oven, the smell of freshly baked home-made bread, which is not made by flour, but by hand. Homemade delicacies, served with friendly smiles, in the company of September droplets from the old wine cellar are a holiday for all senses. Even when the time was slower, some were quick and daring, old-fashioned and old machines are the technical heritage created by past generations, but you are still offered at Zavrh today at your fingertips in all their splendor, perfection and diversity and take you to other times and a different world. Being in contact with the earth and enjoying the fruit of the work in nature, they feel that we are living beings, that we live a human worthy life, in harmony with nature, the companion and ourselves. He has been trapped in a wide variety of color shades of nature and diverse in his landscape place, for unforgettable experiences, moments of peace and relaxation in the company of hospitable people. Come on, we are expecting you open arms!