Opčina Vinica

Welcome to Vinica

Visit the arboretum, walk along the hiking trails, relax on the bench and look at the luxurious greenery, inspire and strengthen all the senses. According to the beauty and richness of the plant, the Arboretum Opeka could be regarded as the most beautiful arboretum among the three Croatian and one richer in Central Europe. You can find it in Marčane near Vinica, that is 15km from Varaždin. In October, Oktgorog grows 14 thousand trees and bushes, at least 200 different plant species. Among the owners of the Brick is the famous Count Marko Bombelles. Even today, in the park there is a mansion Opeka. Since 2007, the manor and arboretum are under the protection of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.