The Druzovič Winery

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  Drbetinci 13 , 2255 Vitomarci  Show on map   Virtual tour

In the lower part of Drbetinci, on the road from the exit from the motorway Cerkvenjak - Vitomarci, you can see many buildings on the left side of the road, which are the home of the SiSi wines. The Druzovič family has been engaged in viticulture and wine-growing for more than 100 years. The art of cultivation of wine grapes, production and processing of wine passes from father to son for several generations. The Druzovič old press of has a year 1884 inscribed in it. The wine cellar, in which SiSi archive wines are still ripening today, bears the year 1896. There is a house above it, originating from the same year. In 2003 a new cellar was built, which can store up to 150,000 litres of wine. At the farm, you can get home-made products and buy top quality wines, boasting several rewards.