Memorial House Zavrh 42 – Štupica's villa

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In Zavrh, opposite Maister’s viewing tower, lies a country villa, built in 1923 and named after its former owner, Fran Štupica. A cultural centre was added to the building in 1947/48. The villa is important because it was frequented by Rudolf Maister – Vojanov (1874-1934), who was a general, fighter for the Slovene northern border, poet, bibliophile and patriot. He enjoyed visiting his friend in Zavrh – the notary of Lenart, Fran Štupica. In his villa he wrote his second volume of poetry, Kitica mojih (1929). To Zavrh and the Slovenske gorice region he dedicated his poems Završki fantje, Slovenske gorice and Završki škorci.


The house has not been preserved in the state in which it was in Maister’s time, but his importance and the poetry he wrote while living in the villa are the reason for the distinct memorial character of the villa. For over 30 years, Zavrh has been home to events about Maister at the end of November, and these events hold a large cultural significance.


Štupica’s villa is an important object not only for the local area, but for Slovenia as well. Inside the villa is a memorial collection which encompasses the perios 1848-1991 in the Slovenske gorice region, but pays special attention to General Rudolf Maister and the battles for the northern border. The collection is rich in documents, Maister’s manuscripts of poems and also documents and objects related to Maister’s fighters.