Patačić Manor

Dostopno s kolesom Dostopno z avtom Zunanja znamenitost Dostopno peš
One of the main symbols of the Vinica market area is this manor, located in the centre of the settlement, on the south side of the main square. By its spatial and stylistic features, this buildingwas built in the 17th century, on the site of an older and partially restored 16th century building. Inthe past, it was a country estate of the Jesuits, in whose hands it came by a purchase in 1738, afterwhich it was renovated . Later, it became the manor of the Patačić counts. The manor is an exampleof baroque architecture, with a preserved old foundation. The building is a square blueprint andconsists of a basement, a ground floor and a four- pyramidal roof. The north and west facades aredivided by window openings, while the eastern and southern sides are divided by arcades.