Šiker Inn

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  Močna 7 , 2231 Pernica  Show on map   Virtual tour

Next to the Radgona-Maribor road, once frequented by carters, stands the Šiker inn, where one can quench one’s thirst and get a full belly of good food. It all began in 1870, when Mihael and Ana Schiker began the story of the local inn for carters, which soon became popular among locals and wayfarers too. The rich experience was passed on from generation to generation, which is why we can prepare traditional, time-tested meals. We Šikers also place emphasis on seasonal dishes and the four seasons, so you can always find something new on the menu. The building’s exterior still resembles those from the old days, but its interior has, of course, been expertly and discreetly modernised. Individuals, couples, groups of friends or business-people, families with friends, can all enjoy barrels and bottles of wine in the 200-year-old cellar, dining rooms, the special family-room and the wonderful exterior seating area, while children can have fun on playground equipment. Šiker hotel is the newest precious asset of the Šiker inn, which opened its doors towards the end of 2011. It stands in the middle of pristine nature nearby Lake Pristava, a hundred paces away from the inn. It is meant for tourists who wish to get to know the Slovenske gorice region, families who are looking for a relaxing time in nature, passers-by and business-people; in short, to all who have errands to run in the city, but also with to experience the countryside and its tranquillity.