The church of St. Andrej

Dostopno s kolesom Dostopno z avtom Dostopno peš
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The church lies on the territory of the original Ptuj parish. It was completely rebuilt in the 16th century, if not even newly built. The only inscribed year is 1529, on the bell tower, according to which we can date the building in time before the Turkish invasion in 1532. There is a mighty western bell tower on the western side, followed by a slightly trapezoidal and, towards east, broader nave with two support pillars along side walls.

The church is located on a hill, 293 m above sea level, and allegedly stands on the site of a former fortress, which was built in 1297 as a defence against Hungarians.

The church was built in 1513 and completed, in today’s form, in 1529, when a bell tower was built. The parish chronicle mentions that the original church stood in the forest among pine trees and spruce, from which the original name was St. Andraž v Hojčji. 

In 1787, a cemetery was located around the church, which was moved to the present location around 1821. Until 1921, the church was surrounded by a wall that had been demolished and a parson’s house was built on the same spot.