Pine Cross

Dostopno s kolesom Dostopno z avtom Zunanja znamenitost Dostopno peš
  Zamarkova 23 , 2230 Lenart v Slov. goricah  Show on map

The memorial, constructed on a triangular base, has a niche on its front side, on which can be seen the remains of decorative paint. It was set up in 1610 and refurbished in 1815 and 1887. The structure is topped by a baroque roof with a cardinal’s cross and two vases along the sides. It stands next to the Maribor-Lenart road not far from Šiker’s inn. According to lore, the Hrastovec castellan had young Ančka buried here: she is said to be a daughter of a local serf and was punished because she refused to give herself to the castellan.