Traditional Vinica House

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  Vinička ulica 73 , 42207 Marčan  Show on map   Virtual tour

The traditional architectural heritage in the area of the Vinica municipality is marked by preserved residential and commercial buildings that are made of the vinicit stone. The vinicit stone was excavated in the past and is still being excavated today in the Marčan quarry in the Vinica municipality. Most of the residential and commercial buildings of this area were built with the vinicit stone. This yellowish stone is porous and easy to process. Due to its readability and lightweightness, it was used as a building material in past days.

The traditional Vinica house is located on cadastral plot no. 308/22, cadastre municipality Marčan, at Vinička 73, Marčan. The building is located on the main road in Marčana, opposite the Opeka arboretum. It is an extended ground floor house, built entirely of vinicit stone, measuring 13.1m x 5m. It is a proper floor plan, located on the construction axis of the street. It has a double roof covered with tiles. The facade on the west side is divided with three wooden triangular windows. On the eastern side is an entrance door to the building and one window. Inside is the preserved original traditional layout of the rooms. From the hallway, there is an entrance straight into the kitchen, and on the north and south side there is one bigger room. On the ceiling there is a partially boarded slab, and partially a base of a truncated plank, on which the plaster is located. The original carpentry was preserved in the house. The doors are very well-made and represent a valuable craftwork that is often present in rural construction in the northwestern part of Croatia.

Apart from the house there is also a commercial building, located in relation to the house in the form of the letter L. The commercial building is also made of vinicit stone, has a double roof covered with tiles, and on the south side has two smaller windows and two doors.

The traditional Vinica house built of vinicit stone, together with the associated inventory and economic construction, is authentic for the area of Vinica Municipality and is an example of traditional construction of this area. It can be dated to the period of the first half of the 20th century.

(Fixed Cultural Heritage - P - 5285, Marčan, Vinička 73a, 42207 Vinica)