Hotel Šiker

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Šiker Hotel is a large and demanding newer investment and valuable acquisition of Gostilna Šikar, which was opened in late 2011. It is situated in pristine nature near Lake Pristava, only a hundred paces from the inn. It is meant for tourists who wish to get to know Slovenske gorice, for a family break in nature, for passers-by and business-people alike. And since it is only a ten-minute drive away from Maribor, business people and artists, who work in the city but wish also to experience the countryside and tranquillity, frequent the establishment. Our hotel-tourism-inn package can also make a terrific present. The story began in 1870, when Mihael and Ana Schiker built an inn for carters. In the barn on the other side of the street – where the Kmečki muzej (museum of peasants’ life) it situated today – animals would rest, eat and drink. With spirits, cider, wine and spring-water, the carters would quench their thirst and spread praise throughout the area – of good service and excellent homemade drink. The drink was later joined by homemade bread, meat, sausages and zaseka, and the establishment became an inn. The founders’ work was continued by Alojzija and Jožef Šiker. Up to the Second World War the third generation, Alojz and Felicita Šiker, kept the inn’s reputation. The fourth generation, the unforgettable Jože and Silva Šiker, set the foundation of the inn as it is known today. Jože’s passion was wine, including a “royal” Moscato Giallo, which even today goes best with the queen of the house, the charlotte. The pair were my grandparents. My mother Breda and father Silvo are the fifth generation. They have received lots of praise and awards. They also renovated a large part of the interior, set up a wine cellar, the Kmečki muzej and a playground for children. My name is Nataša and I am the sixth generation – Gostilna Šiker is in my blood. My partner Marko and I constantly try and plan to keep the Šiker inn faithful to tradition and to keep it a part of modern life, the tastes and needs of our guests. Many similar inns fell into hard times in the recent difficult times, but we took a risk and invested in a hotel that works very well in tandem with the legendary inn. In the future I would like to enhance what we can offer our guests and upgrade the work of my Šiker ancestors. But these are private stories, and our common story is to get you to enjoy yourself in our establishment, get your money’s worth, take some tasty morsels back home with you and keep us in the best of memories, as you will surely come back for more.