Black Cross Memorial

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The memorial stands in the settlement of Lormanje above lake Komarnik, in the Črni les forest. It was erected in memory of Agata of Štralek (today’s Zgornja Voličina), the wife of Friderik Herberstein of Hrastovec castle. The memorial was renovated in 1665 and again in 1789, but was forgotten after that and fell into ruin. The Catholic society Zarja from Lenart rebuilt the memorial on the same spot in 1939.

In 1928, Ožbalt Ilaunig wrote the book Črni križ pri Hrastovcu (“The Black Cross near Hrastovec”), which tells the legend of the doomed love between Agata and Friderik. The story, which is based on oral folklore, goes that in the 16th century, the young Count of Hrastovec fell in love with the fair Agata of Štralek. Their love was opposed by Friderik’s mother, which caused the young lovers to wed in secret in the church of St. Jakob in Lormanje. When Friderik later went to war, Agata was accused of witchcraft and tried. When the young Count returned from war, he erected a black cross, made from black marble, on the spot where his wife was executed – in her memory and as a symbol of doomed love.

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