The Market Centre of Lenart

Dostopno s kolesom Dostopno z avtom Zunanja znamenitost Dostopno peš
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The old part of Lenart contains buildings typical for a market settlement, including 18th century bourgeois houses which stretch from the rectory by the church along the road to Maribor, Gornja Radgona, Ptuj and Jurovski Dol. The rotovž (town hall) and hospital are what remains from the secular architecture of Lenart’s past. The market judge was first mentioned in 1332 – the position was in the gift of the Herberstein family – feudal lords of Lenart and also owners of the nearby Hrastovec castle – for over 300 years. Cattle fairs were held here seven times a year, and also the weekly market days. The hospital was founded in 1625 and the rotovž followed in 1675. The market settlement’s growth was stunted in the 16th century by Turkish raids and, later on, infectious diseases and many fires. When the inhabitants were counted in 1542, the settlement was home to 26 families; in 1754 the area contained 45 houses and 10 cottages; in 1790, the settlement was home to 300 people.