Plague column at Sela

Dostopno s kolesom Dostopno z avtom Dostopno peš
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According to its design elements, the stone column at Sela dates back to the first quarter of the 16th century. The ancient role model for this type of columns can be seen in cemetery and other light columns, where an eternal light was lit on top. They are especially interesting because they can be seen as a mix of two different styles: the departing late Gothic and the first signs of the Renaissance, which is being invoked in details. Among them, the column in Vitomarci is one of the most demanding stonemason products and is probably a product of the same stonemason, which, around 1529, participated in building of the church there (Marijan Zadnikar, Slovenska znamenja, Ljubljana 1991, pp. 15-18).  

It was once located at the intersection of roads, but nowadays this is an isolated position on the ridge from Vitomarci towards Sela, only surrounded by fields. This area used to be an area of landslides, which caused many deaths in addition to plague. Therefore, this is a grave of two deadly tragedies.